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Project Vivre Québec


Vivre Québec is a project of L'epiCentre du Quartier/Centre Mgr Marcoux, a non-profit organization. Our mission is to furnish and/or facililtate access to essential services for immigrants in order to accelerate their integration into Québec City's society and the workplace.


A charitable organization


As a charitable organization, funds received for services provided directly by project Vivre Québec underwrite programs and services pour disadvantaged immigrants in need of help in integrating into their new environment.


L'ÉpiCentre du Quartier/Centre Mgr Marcoux


L'epiCentre du Quartier/Centre Mgr Marcoux (CMM), a community center and service organization located in the Maizerets quarter of Limoilou, offers recreational activities and community services. Its mission is to stimulate, mobilize and encourage citizen participation by:


  • creating an open, accessible and reception-based living environment. Everyone is welcomed for what he is, with his talents and potential;


  • combating poverty through food support activities and services aimed at improving living conditions;


  • encouraging self-help, voluntary involvement and community spirit;


  • supporting citizen empowerment via education and community action;


  • promoting the creation of meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging;


  • helping families, the elderly and newcomers.

Centre Mgr Marcoux receives more than 156,000 client visits per year. The Center is a place where clients and members can receive services, entertain themselves, meet friends, and find relief from the isolation many suffer in their everyday lives.

The Center's work is supported by significant volunteer involvement and by various community, municipal and commercial organizations.

To find out more, please visit us at www.centremgrmarcoux.com 

or contact us at:

L'epiCentre du Quartier/Centre Mgr Marcoux

1885, chemin de la Canardière

Québec (Québec)  G1J 2E5  Canada

Téléphone: (418) 661-7766


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