Learn French!

Courses and workshops for students and newcomers

Provincial Francization Programs:


If you're eligible, be sure to take advantage of a wide range of free french language programs underwritten by Employment-Québec, the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) and the Ministry of Education, specifically for newly arrived residents including Canadian citizens. Contact us to learn more about programs available at our partner schools!  

For holders of an open work permit:


If you have an open work permit, click here for information about courses at reduced prices just for you!

French Language Workshops for everyone:


Our extremely affordable French language workshops will not only improve your language skills but give you the confidence you need to move about the city and communicate with its people as you go about your everyday life.


To dicuss your specific needs or to learn more, please contact:


Projet Vivre Québec/Centre Mgr Marcoux

1885, chemin de la Canardière, Québec (Québec)  G1J 2E5  Canada

Telephone: (418) 661-7766  extension 221