French Language Workshops

French language workshops for visitors and new residents

The ability to express yourself is essential to daily life

An effective tool for social interaction with Québec's francophone community, our language workshops will not only help improve your knowledge of French but give you the self-confidence you need to achieve autonomy in your everyday life.


For students at all levels

Our workshops are conducted by a team of dedicated facilitators at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Workshops are conducted completely in French. They are complimentary with formal French courses or, for those not engaged in a formal French language program, provide the means to practice the basic language competencies necessary for everyday life. If you already have some competence in French, our workshops are the perfect way to hone or expand your skills through practice with others at your level.


The road to autonomy

By participating in our workshops, you will improve your pronunciation, learn new expressions, become more at ease in expressing yourself in French - and rid yourself of any fear you might have of interacting with the people you encounter in going about your daily life.


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Improve your French!

  • No special conditions for participation;

  • Open and continuing registration;

  • Maximum of four students per group;

  • Flexible schedule; 

  • Emphasis on individual needs; 

  • Child daycare available (limited basis); 

  • Very affordable participation fee.