cultural immersions

What's an immersion?

Our Immersions are opportunities for you to experience Quebec City’s culture while visiting locations of interest and, if so desired, practicing French or English as a second language. An Immersion is your chance to get an insider’s view of the City, interact with its people, and to experience its culture first-hand – a chance to see what it’s like to live à la quebecoise.


We offer Immersions in both French and English. If you speak French, even a little, participating in a French-language Immersion will provide not only a richer experience but give you a chance to practice your language skills. If we say something you don’t understand, just ask and our bilingual Facilitators will be happy to explain.


For those seeking to experience Quebec City in English, we offer the same programs led by English-speaking Facilitators. Whether you’re a visitor or a Quebecois seeking practical experience in English, our Immersions are a great way to discover or rediscover Quebec’s historic capital.


Our groups are small – a maximum of six participants – which means an Immersion is personalized. We want you to get to know your fellow participants, have ample opportunity to speak and ask questions, and most of all, feel as though you’re experiencing and learning about Quebec City among friends.


How does an Immersion work?

Each Immersion is a two-hour walking exploration designed to familiarize you with particular aspects of the City and its culture.


For example - a visit to the Old Port, its Market, Marina and Rue St. Paul offer you the opportunity to find out about Quebec’s favorite foods, wines and local products. We’ll speak with vendors, taste their products and listen to them describe their ice wines and ciders, tortieres and meat pies, cheeses, and maple products. You may even get to taste their products along the way. On Rue St. Paul, we’ll visit a gallery to discuss the artistry of Quebecois painters and stop at Le Buffet de l’Antiquaire to talk about Quebec’s favorite dishes before moving on to La Vivriere where we will see the level of the St. Lawrence River back when our City was founded.


An Immersion is a taste of the real Quebec City – something we hope will encourage you to return and share the experience with your friends and family!

facilitated experience

During a guided tour, the guide does most of the talking. With an Immersion, the role of our Facilitators is not to spout facts and figures, but to lead you along an established itinerary while encouraging discussion among participants, and between participants and people encountered along the way – food vendors, gallery owners, museum staff, baristas, restauranteurs and more. The best way to learn about our City is to interact with its people – and that’s exactly what our Facilitators encourage. During an Immersion, it’s the participants and the people they meet along the way that do the talking!

Our facilitators

Our dedicated team of facilitators come from all walks of life - from university professors and business executives to high school teachers and nurses. Each one has successfully completed a training program to help assure that your experience with us not only meets your high standards – but ours as well.


Our facilitators are intimately familiar with the locales you’ll visit and adept at encouraging your interaction and conversation with others during the Immersion. Last but not least, each offers his or her own unique perspective on the places you’ll visit with us and what it’s like to live life à la quebecoise.