cultural immersions

Immersion Petit-Champlain

Revenez dans le temps avec une immersion dans l'histoire du Québec. À partir du Musée de la Civilisation, nous travaillerons à la Fresque des Québécois et de la Place Royale au cœur de la ville d'origine. Dans le quartier du Petit-Champlain, nous parlerons de la restauration de cet important quartier historique et de la renaissance économique du quartier. Nous parcourons des rues bordées de boutiques pittoresques vers le front de mer où nous discuterons de l'importance du fleuve Saint-Laurent et du traversier vers Lévis.


Duree: 2 heures.  Distance: 2 km.  Langues: français, anglais

Lieu de rencontre: Hall d’entrée, Musèe de la Civilisation.

Participants: 6. Âge mininum: 12 ans



Musée de la Civilisation - Fresque des Québécois - Place Royale - Notre Dame des Victoires - rue du Petit-Champlain


Musée de la Civilisation - A place of knowledge and ideas, Musée de la Civilisation takes a fresh look at the human experience. With original and bold exhibitions, the Museum transports children and adults into the great cities of the world, fascinating ancient civilizations, significant sociocultural movements and the heart of Quebec society. (We will not enter the exhibits themselves but will become familiar with the Museum's offerings and view artifact(s) on display in the Grand Hall.)


Fresque des Quebécois - This 420 square meter fresco encapsulates the history of Québec. It recalls the architecture, geography and fortifications of the city while incorporating the rhythm and changing colors of the seasons. To add to its allure, it pays hommage to dozens of historical figures, authors and artists cleverly integrated into its imagery. Your challenge - to locate and identify them!


Place Royale - Located at the very heart of the original settlement, Place Royale is considered the birthplace of French America and is home to the site of Samuel de Champlain's outpost (1604) as well as a celebrated bust of Louis XIV and Notre-Dame-des-Victoires. A long period of decline in the Place Royale district prompted an ambitious reconstruction project to restore its colonial character and was completed in the 1980s.


Notre-Dame-des-Victoires - One of the oldest churches in North America, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires was built atop the ruins of Champlain's first outpost. After being severely damaged during the Siege of Québec, the church was rebuilt in 1763 and stands today as a reminder of Québec's religious and cultural heritage.


rue du Petit-Champlain - A national treasure that receives one million visitors per year. Called the most beautiful street in Canada, rue du Petit-Champlain is the oldest commercial street in North America. The Breakneck Stairs, built in 1635, lead down to it from Côte de la Montagne (we will not be using them) are both steep and dramatic. What distinguishes Petit-Champlain from every other street in Canada is its emphasis on local culture.